Who is yul edochie dating

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Everybody wants to come in then you won’t know who is real.I would say I was lucky to have someone who said I am going to be with you, even when I had nothing. At some point in my life I thought it was the biggest mistake I made because none of my friends was married at that time. I handle a lot of things then like a kid, but my father will always tell me don’t worry about now later on in life you will find out you did the best thing for yourself, and I am starting to realize it was the best thing to me. I was living in Enugu in my father’s house that was where I started.It was really great working on the set with my dad. You are doing something and you have a father who is also doing the same thing. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. By the time I completed my secondary school and was about to gain admission into the university, I have always loved to watch movies.I draw so much inspiration from him when I’m on the same set with him. And my father was already a big fish in the industry at that time.So you see you can really plan this things, the most important thing is finding that person who understands you and who wants to be with you when you are nothing.And if I hadn’t done that then, it would be such a problem for me now to find the right person to marry.

Believe in that thing whether or not you are going to die, keep doing it. I am happy we are talking about this it was crazy but I thank God I am fine.He has successfully established himself as a factor in Nollywood, carefully reading the footfalls of his father . I think everything I have today, I have achieved out of hard work and God blessings.Yul presents height in the industry that is rooted in dedication and perseverance. God chooses whom to bless and at what time to bless the person.We just finished school, we we re still doing our youth service then.I was talking with my mother and she asked me if I wanted to get married and I said yes and my mother told me I shouldn’t worry that she was going to talk to my father and she did.

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