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Thanks for your inspirational pictures of a dynamic place on earth!!

And its verymuch right that Hong Kong is "Truely Asia's World City".

I plan to work in Macau- as they say what one can visualise- one can makehappen!

I was just surfing for photos to psyche myself up and i must say that your photos have done the trick!

The city and the people are beautiful and I hope to live there one day.

please tell me this is my email add [email protected] any one care about this planet - shame on the idiots - hello pollution what pollution - we have to share the world so think globally - I thought decking your house with lights at christmas was a joke - have a look at nature whist we still have it - you want find me going to hong kong - thank you have a nice days -My grandma was born on the island in the early 1900's and she just passed away in a nursing home in Victoria, BC.

I am going overseas for the first time in my life a week after my 30th birthday in march 08 and we are going to hong kong first for 5 nights.

I used to live in H K, in the 1960"s I am going back a bit only a child then, but I recall I loved the high rise flats, and still collect books on H K now!

I hope you understand my vision:) Paul from Moscow yah, Hong Kong is really great as i have gone there also.

I am originally from HK but grew up in the US and returned to work there for 7 years as an adult.

I LOST one of ur pictures and couldn't find ur site.

It leaves out the unwanted and brings in the beauty.

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